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Shanna Vitaliano, Contributing Writer

“Southern Babylon” – Ashley McBryde
Songwriters: Ashley McBryde, Tommy Collier

“Last month, Ashley McBryde released her live performance of “Southern Babylon” in Nashville and I was instantly intrigued and captivated by the conspiratory track.

McBryde wondered “Where do musicians go when they die?” and “Southern Babylon” tells the imaginative story of just that. McBryde’s version of the afterlife is not in heaven or hell, it happens to be in purgatory for musicians. “Southern Babylon” is a bar with a neon sign and a tab that’s already open. It is a place where she can grab a guitar and play forever with the band upstairs and references classics like “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” and “Hotel California.”

I was immediately drawn to her unbelievable songwriting ability and imagination. I also think it’s incredible how McBryde answered a question she’s wondered about in just over four minutes with a little rocker’s edge and sultry flair.

-The Trybe HQ