TRYBE EXCLUSIVE ALERT! New Version of “Girl Goin’ Nowhere”

"Here we are at the one-year anniversary of the release of Girl Going Nowhere. This album and this song have taken us on an incredible journey this last year, a year that I will never forget or take for granted. ‘Girl Goin’ Nowhere’ is all about humbleness, discovery and perseverance, but when I think back on this last year, one word keeps popping into my head – Empowerment. 

So on this anniversary we’d like to celebrate YOU and your huge part in this journey by sharing a version of the song from this project that we’ve never shared. A version that we knew immediately had a life and a message of its own, one that is separate from the original version that you have all embraced beyond my dreams. This is an alternate take that doesn’t ask if we belong, it simply demands it. It does not question if we will ever fight our way out from “Nowhere”, instead it marches on whether the doubters want to come along for the ride or simply get run over….So, I present to you, Girl Goin’ Nowhere...the Empowered Version. Go get em, Trybe." -Love from Ash 

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- The Trybe HQ